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Education and the Family

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Education and the Family Overview

An analysis of the role of policy in challenging self-perpetuating social advantage in education. This book takes the view that policy mechanisms are an essential part of overturning the persistence of social class differences and barriers to equality of

Education and the Family Table Of Content

1. Introduction Part 1: Understanding and Conceptualising the Importance of Education 2. Understanding the Importance of Education 3. Conceptualising the Influence of Parents’ Education: A Framework for Analysis Part 2: The Influence of Parents’ Education: A Review of the Evidence 4. The Importance of WhatGgoes on in the Family 5. Internal Features of the Family Environment 6. Distal Family Factors 7. The Importance of other Developmental Contexts Part 3: Policy and the Wider Responsibilities of Education: Early Preventive Action 8. A Framework for Supporting Resilience in Childhood 9. Implications of the Ecological Model of Home/School Interaction for Policy Development

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